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    Fetish Fantasy Hard Bondage Kit

    Fetish Fantasy Hard Bondage Kit Fetish Fantasy Hard Bondage Kit Fetish Fantasy Hard Bondage Kit Fetish Fantasy Hard Bondage Kit

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    When you are looking for extreme performance from your favorite fetish gear, the Rock Hard Bondage Kit is the perfect all-in-one collection to deliver the results. This advanced bondage kit is perfect for experienced couples who dare to do things differently! The super-sharp collar and cuff set make a statement without saying a word, while the the spiked Cat O' Nine Tails Flogger puts your subject in place with each crack of the leather tresses. The super-sharp metal spikes will send chills down your spine, while the heavy duty leather construction assures your subject won't escape any time soon. Go ahead, try and get away! The pointy metal spikes are just waiting to foil your escape rout! Sit back, relax, and do as you a're told from here on out, unless you want to deal with the super sharp metal punish. The spiked cuffs, collar, and cat o'nine tails will intimidate even the most experienced users, and the kit is constructed to survive the most demanding fetish play. This deluxe bondage kit is not for the faint of heart! Everything you need for an intense night of Fetish Fantasy fun is included in this super kit! The leather cuffs and collar feature premium metal buckles and clips, while the soft leather love mask completely blocks your subject's vision and fits comfortably on most sizes. What happens next is up to you! Includes: Spiked Leather Cuffs, Spiked Leather Collar, Spiked Cat O Nine Tails, Premium Leather Love Mask.

    Color: Black
    Brand: Pipedream Products

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